Modus Internet : Located in Vancouver and Burnaby British Columbia we do website design, database integration, custom programming, search engine optimization (SEO) or consultation.
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Custodian CMS Minute Lightning Talk 2014-12-09: Vincent Hallberg of Modus Internet gives a short 5 minute talk on Custodian CMS to a group of web developers at the offices in downtown Vancouver. Link

Custodian CMS v0.5 Released 2014-11-23: Modus Internet releases v0.5 of it's Free/Opensource project Custodian CMS. Contract 2013-11-12: Modus Internet signs contract with Troy Halverson to rebuild Second Phase SEO Done 2014-10-27: Modus Internet announces the completion of the second phase of SEO work for Wilmor Publishing Corp to Goes Live 2014-10-23: Modus Internet announces the completion of the contract with Camille Denis to rebuild

Custodian CMS v0.4 Released 2014-09-18: Modus Internet releases v0.4 of it's Free/Opensource project Custodian CMS. Contract 2013-09-01: Modus Internet signs contract with Camille Denis to rebuild

Custodian CMS v0.3 Released 2014-08-09: Modus Internet releases v0.3 of it's Free/Opensource project Custodian CMS. Contract 2013-08-05: Modus Internet signs contract with Wilmor Publishing Corp to rebuild Agreement 2014-07-31: Modus Internet offers to work with Searl Magnetics Inc. to rebuild

Custodian CMS v0.2 Released 2014-07-19: Peter Gordon of has joined forces with Modus Internet to help develop the Free/Opensource project Custodian CMS.

Custodian CMS v0.2 Released 2014-06-10: Modus Internet releases v0.2 of it's Free/Opensource project Custodian CMS. Goes Live 2014-03-03: Modus Internet announces the completion of the contract with Wilmor Publishing Corp to rebuild

Custodian CMS Seeks Crowdfunding on 2014-01-09: Modus Internet announces that it is seeking additional funding to help finish the development of it's Free/Opensource project, Custodian CMS on Contract 2013-12-20: Modus Internet signs contract with Flatland Residential Lettings to rebuild Contract 2013-10-15: Modus Internet signs contract with Wilmor Publishing Corp to rebuild

Custodian CMS v0.1 Released 2013-06-03: Modus Internet releases v0.1 of it's Free/Opensource project Custodian CMS.

Core Services / Products

Custodian CMS, Softvoyage Integration and WWTG API

  • Custodian CMS: A free and open-source Content Management System (CMS) featuring powerful admin level controls, multilingual content builder, image/document upload, unlimited categories to help define and sort different objects found throughout your websites and much much more. Currently still under development.
  • Softvoyage Integration: We have worked with a lot of Travel websites that required integration with Softvoyage. If your site needs to work with Softvoyage we can help you too.
  • WWTG API: One of the major problems with travel related websites is that they contain no static information. In other words, their content updates to fast and this can make it difficult to optimize for search engines. The World Wide Travel Guide (WWTG) is an XML API which provides feeds for websites that require more static content. We built it under which we update constantly and make available through multiple services as monthly subscription.

Website Consultation, Design, Development and SEO Services

  • Consultation Service: We are often contacted by customers that know they have a need but simply don't know what to ask for. The Internet is a vast and complex virtual environment, building impactful and useful sites requires access to people with years of experience in multiple disciplines and having years of experience has often made it possible for us to anticipate our clients needs before they even realise it. If you would like to chat about your website needs give us a call. If we can help you we will or we will help you find the right people that can.
  • Design/Development: We design new client websites with an emphasis on mobility and cross browser compatibility. We tend to design with the philosophy that less is more and content is king but if your looking for bells and whistles we got you covered. We've designed, built and implemented sites from brochures all the way up to super complicated, database driven, document management sites for the Government of Canada.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art form unto itself and there are many ways to achieve your SEO goals. We've been doing this for almost two decades and we have a deep meaningful understanding of what these organizations like and dislike in a webpage.

Domain Name Services

  • Purchase/Transfer/Renewal: We provide domain name purchase, transfer and renewals services for our clients. This includes handling technical phone calls, troubleshooting conversation and 3rd party resellers as required.
  • DNS Setup/Maintenance: Most domain name registrars provide built-in DNS configuration tools but often knowledge to configure or maintain such things goes beyond the scope of our clients skills or time.

Website Hosting and Email Services

  • Full Hosting Solution: We run a LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) server with a fully licensed copy of cPanel on-top of it all for ease of maintenance. If you require more disk space, RAM or bandwidth we can easily add more resources at a moments notice.
  • Email Setup and Service Assistance: We do not provide our own email hosting any longer. Because email access and security is so important we felt our customers would be better served by much larger, dedicated providers of such services. We setup and provide ongoing assistance to customers which require email on much larger, dedicated services like Google, Rackspace, Mailjet and

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