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About Us

Founding and History

Vincent HallbergEstablished in 1997, Modus Internet is currently owned and operated by Vincent Hallberg as an independent contractor. Since becoming involved in Internet technologies in 1995 Vince has worked on dozens of client projects, sharing website development knowledge, code and responsibilities with hundreds of other outside developers and independent contractors.

Vince also participated, as the lead developer, in the construction of internal website services for the Government of Canada (IDEA and ECOLE), API services like the World Wide Travel Guide (WWTG, currently hosted under and the Modus Admin System which historically was used to design and maintain many of the client websites he helped build.

"The Internet is a vast and complex virtual environment. Building secure, modern, content driven sites requires access to people with years of experience in multiple disciplines. The members and associates of Modus Internet have the knowledge and experience to help you accomplish your goals and will do whatever it takes to help make sure your projects are a success. Website design, database integration, custom programming, search engine optimization (SEO) or simple consultation, at Modus Internet anything is possible".
Vincent Hallberg, Chief Engineer, Modus Internet

Looking to the Future

After a 3 year break Vince returned to active development status and began a new project called Custodian CMS. Custodian CMS is a completely modernized version of what the old Modus Admin system used to be, but better. Custodian CMS was written with consideration for SEO friendly URI's, fluid multi lingual content conversion, improved security in the form of .htaccess RewriteRules and PHP Data Objects (PDO) for database calls. It also possesses better error handling, content management and Google integrated error output pages for users with valid Custom Search Control codes.

As Modus Internet looks to it's future certainly Custodian CMS plays a very large role. Once we are finished writing all the base code the first thing we want to do is open it to the local Linux and PHP development community's to be vetted. After its security and stability has been verified by others in our local industry we plan to open source it on Sourceforge. We think that because Custodian CMS is not designed to 'build' websites or remove the need for website builders there will be a lot of interest in using it from a developers perspective. As Custodian CMS matures and is adopted by the open source community, plugins will become the next major area we focus on. 'Send to a Friend', 'Newsletter Opt-in', 'Post a Comment', 'Live Chat' and 'Softvoyage' plugins that will help developers quickly extend the base code.

Modus Internet also wants to develop other services, an open language translation API and a fresh version of the WWTG API followed by an accommodation swapping service. As you can see we are not short on ideas but we look forward to working directly with as many of our users as possible because your ideas drive us too.

Contact Us

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