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Modus Internet es un sitio web full stack organización de desarrollo que ha estado diseñando, desarrollando, implementando y apoyando sitios multilingües en todo el mundo durante más de 20 años.

Ubicado en Port Coquitlam, Columbia Británica (a 30 minutos del centro de Vancouver, Canadá). Creamos y mantenemos marcas reconocidas internacionalmente, proporcionamos el primer alojamiento en clase y soluciones multilingües a través de nuestro sistema de gestión de contenido distribuido libremente, CMS Custodian, desde 1995.

Modus Internet and Custodian CMS founder, Vincent HallbergA Message From Our CEO
The Internet is a vast and complex virtual environment. Building secure, modern, responsive, content-driven sites requires access to people with years of experience in multiple disciplines. The members and associates of Modus Internet have the knowledge and experience to help you accomplish your goals and will do whatever it takes to help make sure your projects are a success. Website design, database integration, custom programming, search engine optimization (SEO) or simple consultation, at Modus Internet anything is possible.

Vincent Hallberg (2009)
Modus Internet and Custodian CMS Founder

Diseño de páginas web

We love to talk shop, there is no better way for us to get to know your business needs. However, often when it comes to design, most clients don't know either what they want or what their options are. This isn't their fault because much like our CEO stated above; The Internet is a vast and complex virtual environment. With so many options and no real experience most clients we deal with look to us, not just for website construction and hosting, but as a partner.

To help our clients through the design stage we often refer to existing template examples which can be found on either wrapbootstrap.com or templatemonster.com. No matter what you need, Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography, SVG, Logos, we got your back.

NOTE: Everything we design is done with consideration for multilingualization and bi-directional character sets.


Sitio web - Desarrollo

These days, when it comes to website development you have a lot of options. Once we understand the scope of your project we have a vast array of experience in multiple fields that we can tap from to meet your needs.

We are most proud of our ability to construct multilingual sites which can be written in any language (even bi-directional) thanks to our opensource project Custodian CMS. This aspect of our skill set is unique, you can't get from any other product (Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress) unless your willing to pay a premium for a custom solution that will take 3x longer to develop, test and deploy. You need a responsive website, able to render properly in any media type, at different scales, optimized in every conceivable way and ranks well on Google Pagespeed, so look no further.

We know the best tools for each part of your site and we have the skills to blend them together into a single, cohesive brand, that looks good, works well and speaks your customer's language.


Sitio web - Hospedaje / Despliegue

If you have your own email and website hosting services already in place thats great, so long as that provider runs a L.A.M.P. configuration, which 98% do, we're good to go.

If you are still looking for somewhere to host your site, we can help. We run our own servers on a Rackspace VM, centrally located in Chicago, Illinois, in a maxed out configuration. We distribute static content to CDN networks like Amazon Web Services and Cloudflare.com. We pull static resources from cdnjs.com, fastcdn.org, jsdelivr.com, and maxcdn.com. DNS services on domainpeople.com, godaddy.com, namecheap.com, networksolutions.com, and 123-reg.co.uk. Email with GoDaddy, Gmail, Hotmail and mail.com.



We take the support and security of our customers' websites very seriously. For this reason, there are certain software packages we simply don't allow on our servers. If something doesn't need to be enabled we shut it down, if we are not comfortable with the security of a product we simply won't permit it to be installed.

Our helpdesk is available from 8:30 AM/PDT to 6:30 PM/PDT, Monday to Friday but our customers can reach our emergency support desk 24/7. The security of our servers is proactively maintained daily by our knowledgeable system administrators and multiple automated intrusion, anti-virus, and brute force detection software.

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